Artisan Food Hall plans are in place

We’re transforming Hull’s most Iconic building 

With up to 20 food outlets under one roof, we’ve submitted our planning applications for an epic ‘European-style’ food hall, which will bring the best local, independent food and beverage retailers together with a completely unique offering.  

Working alongside Artisan Food Hall Limited, we’ve proposed a unique dining experience with communal tables and food market stalls. We envision boutique food and beverage offerings filling the ground floor of and spilling into the surrounding streets to give a real European experience.  

After months of preparation, we’re thrilled to have finally submitted the planning application for Artisan. Set to be the first of its kind in the UK, we’re excited to bring this show stopping concept to Hull, and what better location than the Hammonds of Hull iconic landmark building? 

We‘re on a mission to create Hull’s best hangout and we’re confident that, by harnessing local talent and ambition, we can turn this concept into a reality and bring new visitors into Hull as well as improving it for the current residents.  

We hope to create around 40 full time and 80 part time jobs with indirect jobs also being created in the wider supply chain.  

Since meeting with Artisan Food Hall & their team we were excited about the potential of their dynamic ideas and concepts which align perfectly with ours for the regeneration of the building. We truly believe that it will create a real buzz around the city, offering something completely new and unique to the North of England and is an excellent example of Landlord & Tenant partnership. 

We’re committed to the revival of the building and that commitment extends throughout the city as we’ll be looking to welcome as many local producers as possible. Watch this space.  


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